If you’re like most entrepreneurs and small business owners that I know, you get that you need a powerful website that helps communicate your vision and mission to your customers and clients. 

You already have an amazing product or service, and you realize that a strong web presence can help you generate the brand recognition and revenue you want.

It should be easy, right?

Sure! In some ways it is simple, but there are a lot of moving pieces and possibly unfamiliar words and things that you need to know and understand before you get started.

You can definitely take the time to figure it out, or you can let me do it for you, because you’ve got a business to run.  😉

Here are some questions I get asked a lot:

Your domain is like your home’s address. It’s where your site lives.  So, you definitely need one. My favorite place to get them is Namecheap.com.

Hosting is like the land your house lives on.  You definitely need this, too. There are lots of options here. Some of my favorites are Name Hero, Siteground, and GoDaddy.

A CMS is a content management system.  Basically, it’s what WordPress is.  It started as a blogging platform, but it’s evolved into a powerhouse that can handle almost anything you throw at it.

WordPress is a tool that’s used to create a website because it’s relatively easy and it’s free. It also has a ton of plugins (paid and free) that extend its initial capabilities. 

In fact, at least 40% of all websites use WordPress!  That’s a lot!

I like WordPress because after I hand it over to you, it’s not super complicated for you to maintain and update.

That’s a kind of long answer. But in short, you either use WordPress’s default editor to add blocks and fill them with your content OR you use a tool like Elementor or Beaver Builder to make it more visual as you build.

Adding info is easy. Making it look good is the greater challenge.

That, my friend, is up to you. But ultimately, for a business site, you need to consider your goals.  Here are two important questions:

  1. What do you want your visitor to do after they visit your site? Do you want them to contact you? Purchase a product? Sign up for a service?
  2. How do you want your visitor to feel when they visit your site?  Do you want them to feel informed? Inspired? Or like they’re your new best friend?

This is where a good designer who knows how to take your ideas and put them online in a way that considers your user’s experience and your end goals, is invaluable (👋🏻 hi there!).

Sure, you can try to do it yourself.  There are tools out there, like Wix, that make it pretty easy to put stuff online.

But beyond the time it takes you to figure it out and do it yourself, you may find that it ends up looking cookie-cutter or a little, um, well, unprofessional 🤷🏻‍♀️. That’s definitely not an impression you want to leave!

General maintenance involves making sure everything is updated regularly, backing up the site, and checking on the security (and approving comments, if you allow them). 

An outdated WordPress, theme, or plugin can leave vulnerabilities that hackers can use to make a huge mess of your site.  So, you should plan to log into your site at least once a week to update things.

Or you can purchase an ongoing site maintenance plan from me, and I’ll do all that work for you.

Of course, once I hand off your site to you, you’ll get a PDF that gives you instructions for the care and maintenance of your site, and if you choose the Little Lux plan, I’ll schedule a Zoom call with you to show you around your WordPress Dashboard.

characters with an idea

I get it, I’ve been there!

My journey began with a blog.  I wanted to create an online place to share my thoughts. 

So I spent hours researching and reading and learning before taking my first steps towards actually building the site.

And it was probably pretty awful, considering I barely knew what I was doing!

Since then, I’ve created dozens of websites for myself and other clients.  I spent years studying design and branding and immersing myself in the world of WordPress, learning how to craft websites that are stunning and effective.  

I’ve taken the time to figure it out… so you don’t have to!

I started HoneyGirl Creates to answer the many requests for help that I received. 

And it’s given me the opportunity to work with amazing startups like The Startup Studio, Turning Heads Barbershop, Theme Park Guys, and Kindled Class Consulting.

I can’t wait to add your business’ name to this list!

The website you need, without the frustration

HoneyGirl Creates is a one-woman shop based in the Orlando area in sunny Florida.  I’ve been crafting websites using WordPress for over 10 years, and I’m a little obsessed!

I’ve also taught entrepreneurship for over 4 years, so I get how tough the entrepreneurial process can be and how critical having a strong web presence is. 

Now I work with entrepreneurs and small businesses to design and launch their amazing websites! 

Here are two easy options:

I love design that is clean, beautiful, and communicates clearly.  Your site will be user-friendly and will represent your brand, whether it’s a one-time project or a longer-term partnership.

Are you ready to get started?

You don’t have to wander the wild web trying to figure out how to create an amazing website. 

You don’t have to spend hours experimenting with different platforms only to find out they don’t do what you want or you can’t make things look like the amazing vision you imagine.

If you’re ready to tackle this thing, I’m ready to help. 

Send me a message, let’s schedule a call, and let’s do this!

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